25 Nov, 2022

In case of domestic or international flight to / from Salzburg, our flawless VIP services at Salzburg Airport (SZG) will make a passenger's travel remarkably smoother and prevent any delay or disruption from taking place.

How to book VIP services in Salzburg?

The first contact with our reservation dept. will reveal our customer-oriented and sympathetic approach. We shall be ready to provide you with all the necessary support, with the final aim to enhance your business / leisure plans for Salzburg. Once the service is set, you will feel the same peace of mind at Salzburg airport, as your VIP service is provided as planned and with no delays.

Meet & Assist, Fast Track Salzburg Airport (SZG)

Do you want to feel sure that your trip to Salzburg goes on without any hiccup? Then contact Alice Travel team and reserve VIP Meet and Greet services at Salzburg Airport (SZG). We will put an English-speaking VIP assistant at your disposal: first, he/she will meet you and your travel companions at your arrival to the airport. Then, he/she will facilitate your path through all procedures until you arrive at your final destination. Everything will be duly taken care of. Additionally, if you need luggage assistance, porter services can be prearranged.

Exclusive VVIP services Salzburg Airport (SZG)

All the luxury of a high-level VVIP service can be arranged upon individual request at Salzburg Airport. This means delegating to a reliable assistant all the procedures an arriving / departing flight requires, for the purpose of fully enjoying the relaxing and exclusive environment of the VIP Lounge. A private tarmac transfer will be also provided to smoothly take our traveling guests to/from the plane.

Tailor-made services and additional amenities for your VIP experiences at Salzburg Airport (SZG)

No traveling guest would refuse receiving personalised airport concierge support with a flight to or from Salzburg. Alice Travel can positively take care of that. All we need you to let us know is your requirements for your arrival / departure. The additional services available at Salzburg Airport (SZG) include airport limousine transfers with business or luxury vehicles, conference rooms, VIP / Business Lounge access, priority / last minute boarding, private helicopter charters / transfers, separate airport entrance / exit for celebrities, connections from and to private flights and more.

In addition to airport VIP assistance, our expertise in the luxury segment allows us to line up exclusive Concierge Services in Salzburg. These range from luxury hotels to interpreters and guides, from limousine transfers to gourmet restaurants, from special events ticketing to VIP leisure travel.
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