A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

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1. What services does your company offer?

AeroGreet.com offers VIP, Meet&Greet and Fast-Track services at airports worldwide. Our network consists of more than 800 airports. We are also glad to offer airport transfers or other ground transportation and concierge services to match your or your customers’ needs.

2. How do I receive a quotation?

To receive a full service description and pricing, please feel free to fill in our contact forms or contact us via phone/email/webchat and our reservation managers will prepare a quotation and send it via email shortly. Please, note that service procedures may vary depending on country and airport, therefore we kindly ask you to provide us with full information about your journey.

3. I received your quotation and would like to proceed with the booking, what are my next steps?

Once you received our e-mail quotation and would like to proceed, please reply to us and we will send you our secure payment link for credit card preauthorization. Please, note that we do not charge your credit card until the service is completed. Once preauthorization is received, we will start working on the service confirmation and will keep you informed regarding the reservation status. After the service is confirmed (e.g. necessary customs and immigration clearance is received or certain transport is scheduled for pickup), we will send you our confirmation and all the required information to make your experience as smooth as possible.

4. I would like to make a last-minute reservation, is it possible?

Our extensive and fast-reachable network allows us to confirm VIP and Fast-Track services at major airports worldwide. Depending on the location and service you require, we can confirm the services, even if you arrive or depart in the nearest couple of hours.

5. I am a travel agency representative. Do you offer any special conditions for me?

AeroGreet.com has an extensive network of B2B customers and partners. Please, feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail and we may discuss special rates and conditions for your company depending on potential turnover and other outcomes of our partnership.

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