25 Nov, 2022

Cairo International Airport, CAI, VIP Cairo Airport, Fast Track, VIP AssistanceWelcome to Cairo International Airport (CAI), a bustling gateway to the heart of Egypt and beyond. Our team has set the gold standard for luxury services at Cairo Airport, operating around the clock, seven days a week. From personalized fast track assistance to efficient baggage handling, we ensure your excellent experience.  We pride ourselves on efficiency and convenience. Our VIP, Fast Track services and Chauffeured Transfers help you breeze through the airport, so you can concentrate on what's important during your journey. From personalized assistance to efficient baggage handling, we're here to ensure your smooth journey.

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Meet & Assist

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Full private VIP

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We offer a variety of unique amenities and services tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you're looking for airport transfers in high-end vehicles or access to VIP or Business Lounges, we've got everything sorted for you. Our commitment to personalized service doesn't stop at the airport; we also provide exclusive Concierge Services in Cairo . From luxury accommodations and language interpreters to gourmet dining and special event ticket reservations, we open up a realm of possibilities to ensure your stay in Egypt is truly unforgettable.

Cairo International Airport is not just a transit point; it's a beginning or an end to your adventure. Let us make every step of your journey extraordinary. Experience the best of Aerogreet, where convenience, luxury, and efficiency come together to create an exceptional travel!


Enjoy a seamless journey with expedited services. Book now for a luxurious travel experience!

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